Find a Job and don’t lose your mind in the process

I believe that I am not wrong if I state categorically that never in my life as a software developer have I worked as much as in the last months in which I have been in a period between jobs.

I really like the euphemism “in between jobs” that actually means being unemployed but in a much more elegant way.

I am aware that all job search processes are hard but, for those who are not familiar, I will tell you that when you are looking for a job as a developer, you are exposed to a series of exhaustive mental, physical and emotional selection processes. Today I will not go into details but to give you an idea each job offer to which one opts, in the best case, requires about 40 hours on average between the first interview, technical tests, reviews of technical tests and other rounds of interviews.

Of course this is usually a game to several bands by the candidate since the most common is that you are in various processes, but also companies are evaluating several candidates at the same time which leads us to these processes overlap and can pass quietly a month between the first interview and the final offer.

And so I have spent the last 4 months. Do not misunderstand me, I do not complain, I understand that these are the rules of the game and that is the only way for the two parties to evaluate whether the relationship can work.

I’m not going to cheat you: it has been hard, it has been a constant challenge in which, on many occasions, I felt that in a totally irrational way I lost confidence in myself and in my abilities despite all the accumulated experience and in Those moments the support of those who love me has been crucial to find the necessary strength to move forward.

We must not lose sight of the fact that in this process as important as having the strength to move forward is to be clear about where you are going. Along the way there will be tempting offers that will pretend to seduce you and take you in different ways. Each offer, each position, involves a project, a culture, a team and a way of working that in a matter of a few months can make you regret the day you chose to devote to developing software. And in those moments knowing that there are other people going through the same experience can be a key to cling to those principles and not settle for the easy.

I can only talk about my experience and it has worked for me. There have been difficult moments, moments of doubt and also epic moments and, in the end, trusting my instincts and leaving the helm to intuition in this kind of things has led me to embark on a project in which I am part of a human team incredible and that it faces a really stimulating technical challenge.

It may be too early to judge the dynamics and culture of the company, but as I said so far, trusting in my intuition has worked well for me.